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Get to Know What SRP Stands For

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One Step at a Time

SRP's goal is simply put: To end sex trafficking. In order to do this, we are deploying several different tactics to approach the matter in a coherent way. We aim to attack trafficking from its very root and work backwards. Not only do we want to stop this global trade in its path, we also hope to prevent any aspect of life that forces a person into such a situation to begin with. We are combatting domestic violence, family abuse, sexual harassment, and several other contributing factors that lead to trafficking. By dealing with the horrors of the sex trafficking world in such an all-encompassing way, we hope to be alive for the day that this multi-billion dollar industry crumbles from its very core.


Learn How to Intervene

You may hold the belief that there is nothing you can do to help someone out of an abusive situation. Maybe you're worried about further harming the victim, or perhaps you simply have no idea what you can do to help. SRP is developing a course that will teach you exactly how to navigate such a situation. We will be teaching approach techniques, how to provide support, how to help the victim acknowledge the problem that they're in and much more. Remember, you may be someone's only hope to freedom. Take our course and learn how to save a life.

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Audience and Lecturer

Counter Sexual Harassment Course

Building Safer Workplaces

SRP provides one-hour informational seminars for professional business, charities, and workplace settings. Adaptable to any size group, this course is an excellent step for any business to take in order to further the professional development in the workplace. It is designed to help employees and supervisors understand, recognize, and prevent workplace sexual harassment. This course can be customized to meet the specific needs of your workplace.


Always be Prepared

Salva Rescue Projects is partnered with Victim Prevention Strategies (VPS), a company that teaches highly effective and useful techniques for self-defence and threat mitigation. Regardless of age, size, gender, etc., VPS aims to prepare every individual that comes their way for the dangers of every day life.

Self Defense Training
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Educational Opportunities for the Public

SRP offers a variety of presentations on the horrors of sex trafficking, abuse and intimate parter violence awareness, and more. These presentations are available to schools, businesses, charities, and religious organizations. Our presentations on provide an educational, yet approachable perspective on the topics. It is suitable for a wide range of audiences, including public, professional, and educational settings. It is designed to inform, engage, and empower viewers with the knowledge and tools to prevent abuse. The presentation offers up-to-date information and research to ensure a comprehensive understanding of the issue.

What We Do: What We Do
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