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It's Okay to Leave

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

In abusive situations, the abuser often makes it seem like the possibility of leaving is not an option. It might be that the abuser is the sole provider of financial stability for the abused, or maybe there are family ties that the abused is hesitant to break due to potential backlash or judgement from other family members. It could be fear that the abuser will come after them, and once caught, the entrapment and punishments they experience will grow exponentially. Or maybe it is a fear for other family members or friends, of which the abuser has threatened to hurt if the victim attempts to leave the relationship. Whatever the circumstances may be, the abusers goal is to make the victim feel as if it is impossible to leave. Despite all of this, we want to show you that freedom is a possibility, and that it is okay to leave.

Starting on your journey out of abuse may be difficult, but it is well worth the effort. The road towards leaving an abusive situation may seem scary, and while it will not be easy, it will be okay. There will be many ups and downs as you navigate finding freedom and healing, but it is possible to do so. All you have to do is start. But how?

Start by writing out what the abuse is. Seeing it physically manifested will help you grasp the idea that it is a true problem, and therefore needs to be dealt with. When you can see what is happening laid out in front of you, it makes denying the situation harder, pushing you towards action. This will help you to formulate a plan on how to leave.

One of the best actions to take is to contact someone. Whether that is a victim service provider, therapist, friend or family member, or even a coworker, contact them and tell them what is going on, and ask for their advice on how to leave. If it is a victim help centre, they will have a service to help extract you from your situation. If it is someone you know, they will help you to reach a social service, and can be someone you confide in as you go on your way to achieving freedom.

It is possible to leave an abusive situation. There are many resources available to help get you out of these situations, and there are more ways to access them than ever. It is a fight to leave these circumstances, but it is well worth it to do so. Fight for your freedom.

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