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Meet the Team: Meet the Team


Who You'll Be Working With



There does not seem to be anybody with a greater ability to commit to getting a job done than Liam Hans. As a natural-born leader, Liam ensures SRP is organized, directional, and productive. Being a global humanitarian, Liam has experienced the world through many cultural lenses. He uses that knowledge in harmony with his skills at adaptation and problem solving to shape SRP into the non-profit company that we aim to be.



Thomas Wilson is the reason SRP is what it is today. Ever since he was a teenager, Tom's had the spirit of an abolitionist. He recognized the need for SRP when he was in high-school after his eyes were opened to the evil world of sex trafficking. He is extremely determined, and will not stop working until he sees a task through. He is an absolute pleasure to work with and SRP would not be the same without him. If you want to learn more about Tom's Story, click below. 



With an undergrad in criminology and public administration and a master's in sociology, Emily Johnson's analytical mind and incredible intellect is a huge asset to the SRP team. She has been a social justice warrior for several years, fighting passionately in the human rights industry. Naturally, her ambitions translate perfectly to Salva Rescue Projects, and she works to develop programs, lead research, and build the business.

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