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Corporate Abuse Interventionist Training

Looking to increase your company's corporate responsibility measures? SRP has designed a course in conjunction with Actionable Learning for organizations looking to give this training en masse to their employees. There are four modules that teach the basics of abuse. The online training comes with all four modules along with quizzes to ensure that the content is understood. If your organization is interested in this course, please fill out the section below for a quote.

Abusive situations are highly subjective and often very touchy subjects. Hollywood has painted misconstrued pictures of domestic violence by only showing the physical side of such circumstances, but what many people don't understand is that there is far more than the physical aspect of abuse. This section of the course dives into all of the other factors that come into play within an abusive situation, and how they will affect how you might approach someone to help them seek help.

Course 1: What Abuse Looks Like on the Inside

Course 1: What Abuse Looks Like on the Inside

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This section of the course goes over all of the external and internal signs and symptoms that a victim of abuse may carry with them. Again, the universally accepted signs of abuse are bruises and cuts all over the body, but in addition to the obvious indications, there are several more subtle characteristics and personality traits that you may be able to pick up on. By diving into the physical, emotional and psychological signs that are apparent within a victim of domestic violence, we aim to provide a more comprehensive view on abusive situations.