Intimate Partner Violence - The Psychology of the Abused and Abuser

Intimate Partner Violence (IPV), commonly referred to as domestic abuse, is any form of abuse or aggression that occurs within a romantic relationship. IPV is a highly intricate and complicated dynamic, and is often misunderstood by the general public. SRP's goal is to spread awareness of this global issue, and dive deep into the complications that are involved in this unfortunate circumstance. We explain the psychological dynamics that are at play in IPV, and clarify many stereotypes that are harmful to such situations.


Sex Trafficking - The Things You Need to Know

Sex Trafficking is a multi-billion dollar industry that plagues nearly 150 countries across the globe. It is a highly complicated business that operates practically in plain sight. Join us as we pick apart the intricacies involved in this toxic industry, and reveal some harrowing truths about sex-trafficking that may even affect you directly.


Pornography and its Contribution to Trafficking

Pornography is a highly normalized and fetishized industry that exploits millions of people worldwide every year. Not only does porn affect those involved in its production, but it also greatly wounds its viewers in several complicated and discreet ways. From mild addiction, to destroying intimacy within relationships, the porn industry has been negatively impacting its consumers since day one. We dive into the dangers of pornography and its subtle ties to the trafficking world.